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Our Story

Kylie Ward | The Homemade Kitchen | Grass Fed Butter | Farmers Market on Manning
The Homemade Kitchen was established in 2017. What started as 500gr for home use has grown into 5kg batches without compromising the taste or quality.
As the official household taste tester paired with years of working in the hospitality industry, Kris saw potential in his partner, Kylie’s, natural ability to create recipes, and balance flavours effortlessly whilst always delivering on amazing taste.
Bringing their talents together they have created The Homemade Kitchen, always striving to make every single batch of butter better than the week before, every week.
The colour and quality of our butter is a true testament to how the cows live: grass-fed, free range, a part of their family, days spent under Peppermint and Kari trees.
We are immensely proud to use such beautiful ingredients in our products, all from WA producers. Great food starts with quality ingredients, paired with passion, and garnished with love.