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... What makes our butter different?

The quality of our ingredients is what makes our butters so special. We use 100% WA, supporting the livelihoods of fellow WA families.

We’re a small batch homemade artisan product with no added preservatives, fillers, or nasties.  This allows us to work with the freshest perishable ingredients possible.

Combined both these elements with our passion for great food and environmental awareness means you can truly taste the difference in The Homemade Kitchen Butter.

... Is it organic?

The olive oil we use in our Salted & Spreadable is Certified Organic by NASSA (National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia).

The salt we use is organic approved by Australian Certification Limited (former Australian Certified Organic, or ACO). This means that the salt we use complies with the Australian Organic Standard but can’t be awarded certification because it’s harvested not grown.

We choose to support local over importing organic cream as this allows us to make the freshest butter possible. With this in mind, the cream we use isn’t organic as there isn’t an organic dairy operator in WA large enough to reliably produce and deliver the amount of cream we require on a weekly basis.

We’re supplied by Bannister Downs Dairy. This is the most sustainable and ethical dairy WA has who can reliably accommodate the volumes we require. This allows us to deliver a consistent supply of product to you – yay!

... How do I store it? How long does it last?

Depends on how quickly you eat it! When exposed to air, Butter like all fresh perishable food items, oxidises, which in time leads to rancidity. You’ll know when your butter is off as it will have that classic metallic ‘off dairy’ smell.

To prevent this and get the best shelf life out of your butter we recommend the following:

Option #1 - Store your butter in the fridge in an airtight container.

  1. You will have 2 weeks from day of thawing.

Option #2 - If you don’t think you’ll get through 200gr of butter within 2 weeks:

  1. Allow your frozen roll to soften enough to get a knife through.
  2. Portion the butter in half/ thirds/ medallions/ whatever portion works best for your household.
  3. Place your butter portions in an airtight container and return to the freezer. You will have 3 months on frozen butter.
  4. Make a note of the Best Before (frozen) date located on the label and put this on your frozen butter portion.

We don’t recommend storing your butter out of the fridge or freezer (we’re looking at all you people who prefer to keep it on the kitchen bench 😊). Butter is a natural product, and natural foods go off, therefore the fridge is the best place to store our butter.

... Why do you freeze your butter?

We make our butters fresh and freeze them straight away. This allows you the opportunity to have control over the full freshness of the thawed product.

Remember we’re a homemade artisan product with no preservatives, not the standard commercial butter you’ll find in the supermarket. Freezing is a natural preservation method, and the best.

... Why do you put olive oil in it/ What do you put in it to make it Spreadable?

The olive oil in our Salted & Spreadable allows the butter to soften making it more bread friendly from the fridge.

... How Spreadable is it?

Butter is temperature sensitive and will naturally be firmer in colder temperatures. We could overcome this by adding more olive oil, however we prefer the butter to maintain as much of its natural buttery flavour as possible and we know you prefer this too.

We recommend, particularly during the winter months, to cut your desired portion and allow it to sit on the bench for 5-10 minutes before eating. Toast is generally easier as the heat from the bread will help to soften the butter.

... Where can I get your products? Do you do Wholesale?

For retail sales we are at Farmers Markets every weekend, click HERE to find us.

Unfortunately, we currently lack the resources to accommodate Wholesale operation. Therefore, our butter isn’t available in the shops.

We are accepting expressions of interest in Wholesale and you’re welcome to send your contact details to hello@thehomemadekitchen.com.au.

... Tell me about your packaging?

We’d love too! We’re very conscious of where our packaging ends up and take as much responsibility for it as possible.

Our brown paper is biodegradable and compostable and breaks down within 4-6 weeks. There are no waxes, adhesives, or dyes.

Our white label is kept separate to the brown paper and this is recyclable. There is a small amount of adhesive to keep the label wrapped firmly around the butter which can’t be recycled.

We’re always looking for environmentally friendly solutions while satisfying the Food Safety and Handling labelling requirements set by The Food Standards Code (FSANZ).

Milk/ Cows/ Bannister Downs

... Where does your milk come from?

We source our Milk and Cream from Bannister Downs Dairy, in Northcliffe Western Australia.

... Are the cows grass fed?

Predominantly yes! However pristine lush and perfectly green grass is difficult to maintain consistently through all the WA seasons. So the cows don’t starve they are fed hay to top them up during those peak summer months.

They’re also fed a little grain at the dairy to help them settle while milking. The grain they are fed is genetically modified (GM) free and supplied by a local farming neighbour.

These girls are very well fed, thoroughly spoilt, loved, and looked after. The health of the herd is the highest priority and integral to the way Bannister Downs operates. We respect and applaud them as good humans for this.

... Why do I have to order milk so early in the week?

The milk process from cow to you happens very quickly and within a very tight time-frame. The milk comes fresh from the farm in Northcliffe where the cows are milked at the start of the week. We require your order by 5pm Tuesdays so that we can place our cream order to Bannister Downs first thing on Wednesday mornings. The milk is delivered to our Commercial Kitchen on Thursdays and we have the milk in your shopping basket on Saturdays and Sunday.

Unfortunately, if you miss the cut off time of 5pm on Tuesdays, your order will automatically be placed for order for the following week. We’re unable to hold orders open as we need the cream to make our butters.

Food Standards/ Regulation/ Compliance

... What about garlic/ flavoured butter?

Our challenge with adding fresh garlic or any fresh and leafy ingredients to our butter is the shelf life drastically reduces from 2 weeks, down to 3 days (maximum). This is due to the introduction of new pathogenic bacteria which increases the opportunity of food borne illness and our highest priority at The Homemade Kitchen is to keep you and your family safe.

It’s not within our ethos to compromise on ingredients and Kylie, our Founder, is always experimenting and coming up with new (delicious) ideas. And she’s always looking at ways to become more adventurous and creative in overcoming these challenges naturally.

In the meantime, we have our Pure Butter and Salted & Spreadable Butter available as the most versatile and stable butters in any household.

Feedback & Complaints Policy

... Hmmmm... When Something doesn't seem right?

We understand that sometimes things just happen, and this is a part of working with fresh perishable foods. Please understand that we never intend for your experience with The Homemade Kitchen to be a bad one and we always carry out strict health and hygiene procedures, we are fastidious in our approach and never cut corners.

But, if for some reason your butter isn’t edible, as a result of an error on our end, and you need to throw it out, please feel you can talk to us openly and honestly first before taking any other action. If you contact us as soon as possible via hello@thehomemadekitchen.com.au or see us in person we can resolve the matter quicker together in a much friendlier way than over Social Media.

We will ask for the following information:

  • The label and return this to us – this allows us the opportunity to identify the batch and retrace our steps;
  • Your name;
  • Your best contact number;
  • Your best e-mail address;
  • Your preferred contact method (phone or e-mail).

We welcome the opportunity to make it up to you, and how you are compensated will vary from case to case.

However, if the error is on your end for example, incorrect storage methods (refer question 3), understandably we cannot be held responsible for the butter once it leaves our premise.