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Butter, healthy?

You’re not alone if you feel a little guilty every time you reach for butter in your kitchen. Butter generally has a bad rap and has been villainised in the quest for good health. Fret not! Not only are we passionate about creating a beautiful product for you, we’re on a mission to celebrate and spread knowledge on the benefits of incorporating fresh produce into your cooking (and fresh produce doesn’t just mean getting your daily dose of greens!). Contrary to popular belief, eliminating real butter from your diet completely could actually be bad for your health with your decision leading to vital nutrients and minerals being wiped from your body and your energy levels plummeting. Education on healthy eating is something we feel very aligned to and we’re always creating new ways to incorporate our delicious butters and buttermilks into healthy recipes for you to try too.

So, let’s begin at the beginning…

Butter is the dairy product made from churning milk or cream. The churning process separates the butter fat (the solids) from the buttermilk (the liquid). All of the butters and buttermilks created by The Homemade Kitchen are hand finished, meaning that we whip, churn and separate everything ourselves in our commercial kitchen, based in the Swan Valley (WA).

As a diary product producer, it is a national regulatory requirement that dairy products must be pasteurised, and we proudly meet this, as our chosen dairy farmers at Bannister Downs, pasteurise on the lowest temperatures possible so as to not interfere with the natural taste and quality of the milk/cream. Pasteurisation doesn’t necessarily equal a loss of health benefits however. All our produce used in the creation of our butters is free of genetically modified elements, are naturally sourced and the olive oils are certified organic (used in the salted & spreadable butter).

In an age where getting your nutrients and beneficial compounds for optimal health and wellbeing is all the rage, we’re glad to be contributing to this with our farm-to-plate, clean, no nasties butters. I’m sure you are already aware that as butter is dairy based product it is rich in phosphorous and calcium, both of which work together to develop strong bones and teeth. But, I bet you didn’t realise that phosphorous is a mineral that is part of every cell in our body, and while backing up the calcium process it also aids the support, generation and storage of energy! Not only will having phosphorous in your diet boost your energy storage and production, introducing a handmade nutritious butter to your meals containing such minerals has also been linked to a reduced risk of obesity, diabetes and heart problems.

Butter is also one of the few products in your diet that contains the most easily absorbable form of Vitamin A, which is a necessity for thyroid and adrenal health. It’s lauric acid component is important in treating infections, while lecithin is essential for cholesterol metabolism.

Real butter (aka from yours truly, and not the butters or margarines from the supermarket where you’ll find it packed full of fillers, chemicals you can’t pronounce or dyes) is also backing up the natural body ecology with its probiotics and together with the ingredients found in raw, handmade butter you’ll be receiving an essential supply of fatty acids for longevity, energy production, hormone balance, heart health, glowing skin and even boosting your vision sharpness. So, are you back on the butter bandwagon yet?

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